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Forensic engineering

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are involved in almost every part of our lives and this is ever increasing. Very seldom do incidents not involve electricity or electrical systems, equipment or devices in one way or another. They are often associated with the cause of failures, fires and explosions. We have the expertise, training and experience to determine the specific cause, whether it is electrical in nature, or not.

Practice areas

  • Forensic engineering.
  • Fixed structural electrical systems.
  • Equipment, appliances, electronics.
  • Electrical devices and controls.
  • Vehicle and equipment systems.
  • Electric and hybrid vehicle systems.
  • Marine and aircraft systems and controls.

  • Lightning claims evaluation.
  • Shock or elecrocution.
  • Forensic testing and inspection laboratory.
  • Industrial control systems.

Fixed structural systems to the building, structure or home, equipment, appliances, electronics, devices, all types of hardware and software in or around the home.


Mr. Scott Crain is our staff Electrical Engineer. He provides electrical consulting and is a licensed Professional Engineer in 10 states including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. He is specialized in power electronics, software and hardware interfaces, consumer electronics, and vehicle and structural electrical systems. Mr. Crain has designed and built testing instrumentation, assemblies, harnesses, and apparatus. He has over 18 years of experience in testing and failure mode analysis on electronic control systems, micro processors, appliances and power supply systems. He has evaluated hundreds of fire scenes and dozens of lightning claims as an electrical consultant and engineer.

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A Bio and CV are available on request.

Scott Crain

Scott Crain P.E.